Welcome to your local credit union. Primarily serving St Albans District, but anyone living or working in Hertfordshire may join.

Run for members by members – almost entirely staffed by volunteers.     

Helps local people save and borrow at affordable rates of interest.

No external shareholder - members own the credit union and share any dividend.

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Dividend for our savers  Year 2014/15

At the Credit Union AGM on 14 March 2016, a dividend of 0.6% for the 2014/15 year was approved unanimously by those members attending. This dividend will be added to member's share accounts during April 2016 (after 5 April). Due to the changes in the taxation rules around interest on savings announced by the Chancellor, only members who complete tax returns need to report credit union dividends. If tax returns are completed, the dividend should be reported as interest income.

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